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Hotels are the most important sectors that need virtual tours. One virtual tour inside the hotel is one of the most powerful means of advertising its services. Hotels are one of the sectors that are most booked online, so supporting decision-making for hotel customers with the 360 ° virtual tour is one of the most important tools to give the customer a correct and honest picture of the hotel that will be booked. It is better to have a customer inside the room that he will book, as well as the hotel in which he will stay than to write a text description of the hotel and its services. As well as supporting the tour with external images of the gardens and the pool area, as well as restaurants will demonstrate the strength of the hotel and the services provided by it.

SPA and, Gyms

The use of 360 ° virtual tours of the gymnasium will be very helpful to show the place's potential, equipment and services as the bathrooms and spa located on site. And displaying the capabilities of the gymnasiums positively affects customers ’decisions to enter the club or gymnasium or not. And with the support of virtual tours on Google Maps, making it easier to reach the club or the lounge. And with pictures of the trainees and staff supporting the customer’s decision to join the club or hall, the first impression will remain with the client.

Restaurants, coffee Shops and co-working space

The customer is comfortable with the restaurant or coffee shop, in which s/he knows its location, details and division, and using virtual 360 ° tours, it is possible to highlight places of drinks and meals, as well as the halls and the shape of the restaurant or the coffee shop during the day and night. Google Maps services will help the customer to quickly find the restaurant or the Coffee Shop, and the virtual tour will show an actual form of the restaurant or the Coffee Shop and the quality of the services provided with it, which supports the customer’s decision to go to the restaurant or the Coffee Shop. As for the Co-Working Space services, showing the available places, their potential, and the extent of their privacy, explains to the customer the benefit that can be provided for him/her because s/he witnessed what confirms this through the use of virtual tour techniques.

Factories and workshops

One of the important criteria by which factory products are evaluated and the extent of consumer confidence in its products is the size of the factory, its warehouses, equipment, machinery and internal space cleanliness (especially for food and beverage factories), and for the factory to display each part of its parts to all customers from very cumbersome and costly operations, and here the value appears Virtual tours 360 °, as it gives the customer the ability to get to know the factory, its capabilities and the level of quality inside it with the least possible effort with the lowest time and the highest image accuracy and transparency.

Hospitals and Clinics

If you are a doctor, plastic surgeon, medical complex, or hospital, by using 360 ° virtual tours you can view the location and the quality and quality of the medical devices involved in providing the service. Studies have shown that customers who are familiar with medical buildings are more comfortable using the medical services for that place. Familiar places are easier to link the patient to, as well as avoid nervous people where they are quieter if they can see the places of treatment before the medical visit.

Furniture Exhibition

Furniture galleries rely heavily on luxury and breadth, and they constantly need to display their products to the largest possible number of customers and show of the beauty of designs, colors, and places of display within the galleries, and with the proliferation of e-marketing means the exhibition needs greatly to display its products to customers Faster than regular visits. Here comes the function of 360 ° virtual tours in order to support this possibility and publish these products in the exhibitions in the name of the company that owns the largest possible number of customers as all the areas that can be reached.

Educational institutions and training centers

The educational sectors depend heavily on their buildings, their location, their area, and the additional activities that learners are trained in. When choosing schools, especially at the KG stage, parents need to visit schools to assess them, the process of receiving parents, and making an expensive internal tour that needs lots of time and effort. By using 360 ° virtual tour technologies, you can manage educational facilities from photographing buildings, training halls, gardens, training sites and places of activities with a full tour to give a clear picture of the facility clearly to the customer.

Real estate development

One of the most costly operations for real estate development companies and real estate brokers is to offer the property to the customer, who needs to make a visit to the property and very expensive transfers, especially if it is in a governorate or another city, so the Internet is the most abundant alternative, so companies began to offer real estate on the Internet and support the description with pictures . By using 360 ° virtual tours, customers can be invited to a full virtual tour of the property at no additional cost. The virtual tour will help potential customers support their decisions to visit the property or not, and thus will save the time needed to visit. Using virtual indoor tours also helps to describe the property well to the customer before purchase.

Museums and tourist sites

Tourism is one of the most rapid and growing industries in the world and it is considered one of the most important competitive sectors. This competition is getting more and more intense with the increasing tourist destinations that seek to attract tourists. In addition, many companies and organizations participate in planning the tourist destination, such as organizing transportation and housing, and they strive to attract the largest possible number of tourists. The types of sites for tourism services are divided into two main types: -.

  • Tourist information:They are sites that are mainly based on tourism information that needs documentation and display operations, either with pictures or videos, and always this information needs realistic visualization either to motivate the tourist to go into the visit experience or for students, scholars and researchers specialized to study these sites. Transfers to all tourist sites are difficult and very expensive. Displaying these sites with virtual tour technology 360 ° will greatly contribute to delivering complete and clear information about these places and as a process of promoting these places.
  • Tourism Tours:Tourism companies always need to display the details of programs and tourist trips that they organize, and the method used to characterize these trips is by using texts with support for places and means of transportation, some pictures. By using 360 ° virtual tour technologies, complete videos can be created to simulate the journey from start to finish, including transportation and places to be visited with a motivational audio background for clients, which prefers the customer’s decision to choose the trip and makes him more confident in the organized company.

Sports clubs

Sports clubs need to document their buildings and facilities significantly, and due to the large areas of sports clubs and the great diversity in the number of services they provide to members and non-members. The great advantage in using 360 ° technologies in all its forms to serve the clubs is to show their true potential, size, services and activities provided to members and non-members. For example, a 360 ° virtual tour can be created that helps members to tour the club and learn about all the services and activities that exist. As well as 360 ° videos for distribution to members as promotions to attract new members. He publishes parties, activities and tournaments via live broadcasts in 360 ° technologies. All this, in integration with the club's website, with the creation of a mobile application to quickly communicate with members, which reflects the level of sophistication and legacy of the club and enhances its classification and ranking among the various clubs.

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